Reasons Why Your Office Could Benefit from Office Partitions


Office partition walls can conjure up oppressive images of small grey cubicles with people busy answering telephones, but this archaic view of a useful business tool does a great disservice to a potentially fantastic structural feature.

Not too long ago it became common practice for businesses to want to remove as many walls as possible to amalgamate their workforce.  The belief was that fewer walls meant better integration, better communication, and all-around better cohesion which would lead to increased efficiency.  Sadly time has shown that this is often not the outcome employers received; it was more common for the noise and distractions from a bustling office or workspace to bleed into employees’ perception, causing increased distractions, reduced efficiency and even increasing stress levels.  There have of course been very well publicised success stories for open-plan offices, probably the most famous of which is Google.  However, the implementation of such designs will be radically different between a small business and one with near-limitless resources.

Having established some of the potential issues with removing partitions, here are three reasons that you absolutely should consider some for your business.

  1. Greater Peace and Privacy

In an attempt at having your cake and eating it too, installing glass partitions can give the feeling of an open office space whilst still allowing staff to have privacy and minimal noise within their own workspaces.  Having that separation is important for concentration and efficiency, but being able to see others nearby is brilliant for morale and the happiness of your staff.

  1. More Efficient Climate Control

Heating and cooling systems in offices are very expensive to run, but keeping a workspace at an optimum temperature is very important to ensure a happy and productive working environment.  Partitions can help to ensure that airflow is controlled more efficiently and that you only heat or cool the areas that are being used, not a large, open office all the time.  Minimising the areas you need to control the climate of can significantly lower bills.

  1. Better Availability of Natural Light

Sticking with the theme of glass partitions, they will also obviously allow more light penetration than solid walls would.  This may seem minor, but studies have shown that increased exposure to artificial light can affect mood, cause headaches, disrupt sleep patterns to name a few.  Above all else, natural light almost always improves the morale and performance of an office.

Office partitions are definitely worth considering for your business and finding a reputable company to design and fit them is vital.  Don’t accept an off-the-shelf solution, your business and your workforce deserve a tailor-made solution that is perfect for them.  Dedicated professional companies will be able to discuss all of the points raised here and offer you expert advice on how to give your employees an office space they can be proud of.