What is A Buyers Agent in Australia and Can They Really Help You?


The excitement of buying a new home can be very intoxicating. Most potential buyers can spends hours researching a property and weighing up the pros and cons if it all. 

This can seem like an enjoyable task until  the volume of data starts to build up and financially important decisions have to be made. 

Informed choices are great if we have the time to properly digest all the information on hand. Unfortunately this can be a time consuming task. 

Property purchases in Australia are complex legal transactions, and the sums involved are often substantial. 

Potential buyers need to know as much as possible before they feel comfortable making an offer, but with mountains of information to wade through time can soon become stretched.

Get An Australian Buyers Agents Advice

This is where it might be a good idea to get some professional assistance. A buyer’s agent can help sift through the paperwork, and separate the relevant information from the chaff. 

A competent agent will know exactly what a buyer needs to know and will take control of all the necessary legal and negotiation issues. This leaves the buyer free to focus on the real issue – choosing the right property.

So what does an agent actually do? Here are some benefits of using a buyer’s agent services:

  • Home Buying – Independent advice in a financially risky venture is extremely valuable. Buyer’s have no steak in the sale therefore their guidance can be of great benefit when all other parties have their own agenda.
  • Property Investment – Legal and tax implications regarding investment purchases vary greatly from home purchases. To be sure you’re on the right track a buyer’s agent can lead you through this minefield.
  • Auction Bidding Services – It can be daunting and a little confusing attending an auction for the first time.  Buyer’s agents, in general, are well exposed to this environment and will probably have an in-depth knowledge of the local market. At times auctions seem to be dominated by  those who know the scene well. It can be prudent to have a savvy buyer by your side.
  • Overseas Buyers – Whether expat or foreign national, the Australian property scene can be archaic and confusing to someone who has had little exposure to it. If you can’t be there on the ground you may be at a disadvantage in a transaction. Allowing a professional buyer to deal with negotiations, taxes, and legal legislation will ensure you’re instructions are taken seriously.

What A Australian Buyers Agent Can Offer You

The best agents will offer all these services and quite possibly a lot more. Professional buyers can usually provide a blended service which enables a high degree of control over any negotiations. 

Regular meetings between buyer and client ensure both parties are fully aware of any new developments and are updated on the progress of any transactions.  

A competent buyer will always keep customers informed of all new inquiries and offers.