Security systems for your home or workplace


Safety and security at your home and workplace should never be taken for granted. Today, I’m not talking about safety in the sense of preventing fires, or personal injuries. Today, I’m talking about something much more serious – Security and safety from potential intruders, burglars, and criminals in general.

In today’s day and age, a city is increasing becoming more cosmopolitan and advanced. Unfortunately, with the advent of technology, crime rates also tend to increase. Whilst violent crime may reduce in time, crime such as burglaries and robberies are still a constant threat to the people living in Melbourne.

Security systems that are well designed and well installed can provide you with a safe home and workplace, where you can rest easy knowing that your premises are safe from unwanted access. 

Let’s talk about CCTV cameras. CCTV cameras provide you with a bird’s eye view of your premises. They never sleep, they are always watching, and recording. These days, you can access the live feed from your CCTV cameras even on your mobile phone. If you want to control even the pan and zoom of the cameras, it isn’t a problem too. 

Technology has brought us to the point where you can always know what is going on, on your premises. There have been scams in the past where a person pretended to be the owner of a place and locked out, and called a 24-hour emergency locksmith to help them gain access to the property. 

No longer will that happen – with a CCTV system coupled with an anti-burglary system, you’ll immediately get a notification if there is an unwelcome entry to your home. Once you get the notification, you can check the CCTV feed on your mobile and immediately alert the police if there is an unauthorised intrusion to your home or workplace. 

Of course, the scam mentioned above is becoming somewhat rare these days – Most good 24-hour emergency locksmiths have been trained to ask for photo ID that clearly shows the customer lives at the address, and if the customer is unable to produce such ID, they will ask a barrage of questions to ascertain if the customer is truly a resident of the premises. If you’re ever in an emergency and in need of a reputable 24-hour locksmith.

Now, we’ve already mentioned anti-burglary systems, but let’s talk about them in detail. Anti-burglary systems can vary in type, size, cost, and effectiveness. The most basic anti-burglary system is a simple proximity based alarm. Open the door and the alarm goes off – Close the door and it shuts off. Not very effective. Truly, you do get what you pay for. What I recommend is at least an anti-burglary system that can monitor multiple entrances, and provides mobile and wireless support.

For example, a good anti-burglary system would have a lockout system where you can remotely enable and disable it, in case your parents are visiting your home when you’re not there, or if you are authorising a serviceman or repairman to enter your home whilst you’re at work. You can then use the CCTV system to monitor them.

A good anti-burglary system would also allow you to connect to it via your mobile or internet, which gives you greater control over it. You wouldn’t need to stand next to your front door hitting tiny buttons when you can do it all from the interface on your computer. 

Additionally, you would be able to automate the security system so that when your GPS on your mobile detects that you’re home, it automatically sends the unlock code to the security system to let you in, then automatically re-activate the alarm system 20 seconds after you have entered the house.

All in all, there are multiple security systems you can utilise for your house – But the two best recommended systems that work well together are the CCTV and the anti-burglary system. And of course, if you ever get locked out, you can always call a 24-hour emergency locksmith.